Patient Information

Working with Medical Professionals to Ease the Billing Process

Breeze Medical Invoicing is a medical billing company, serving many of the leading medical consultants and private practices across the UK.

Medical consultants employ Breeze Medical Invoicing to manage their billing so they are able to fully concentrate on providing expert clinical care to you, the patient.

We work directly with your medical consultant to collect the monies due from your insurance provider and/or directly from you.

You may receive an invoice for payment if:

  • There is an excess on your insurance policy
  • There is a shortfall in your insurance company’s payment
  • You are paying for the procedure yourself
  • Your insurance policy was not active at the time of treatment
  • You have exceeded your insurance company’s allowance
  • Your insurance company did not authorise your treatment
  • Insurance Providers have defined rates for consultant fees. If your consultant fees are higher than the Insurance Providers rates, you would be liable for the difference.

If you are having difficulty paying an invoice, please contact Breeze Medical as soon as possible. Between us, we can agree on a plan to settle any outstanding funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding any invoice or estimate you may have received.

Patient Contact Form

Please complete the contact form below including the invoice number if you have one and I’ll respond shortly. Alternatively, you can call or email using the contact details listed at the top and bottom of this website.